Multivitamin Gum

Okay, call off the dogs, the hunt is over.  Yesterday I discovered a chewing gum fortified with vitamins.  Each piece of Get More Multivitamin Gum contains 25% of an adult human’s daily dose of 10 key vitamins – B2, B3, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E, K.  It’s also suitable for vegetarians.  Is it suitable for vegans?  Not sure.  I’ve contacted Get More to find out and will report back if I hear from them.  It seems okay going by the ingredients listed on the packet.

Update: Get More Multivitamin gum is not vegan apparently.  The Vitamin D is sourced from lanolin, i.e. sheep’s wool.

To play us out, who else but The Ramones…

Embody Pilates in Greece

Leap frog on Llandudno pier, 1935

Late Summer 2016, Embody Pilates will be running two week-long Pilates courses for Skyros Holidays in the very beautiful Atsitsa Bay, Greece.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels, the dates of the two courses are:

  • Sunday 11th to 18th September 2016
  • Sunday 18th to 25th September 2016

As well as Pilates, there are lots of other courses on offer to try:

  • creative writing,
  • trapeze,
  • singing,
  • yoga,
  • windsurfing,
  • drawing and painting,
  • cabaret,
  • mindfulness.

For full details on all the courses, the facilitators running them, the cost of each holiday, the accommodation and how to get to Atsitsa Bay, please follow this link.

Atsitsa, Greece

Re my facilitator’s photo…oh dear! I’m afraid this is what happens when I have a thimbleful of alcohol.

To get us in the holiday mood, here’s one of the best summer tracks of all time, The Ramones, Rockaway Beach…chewing out a rhythm on my bubble gum, the sun is out and I want some…’