The Idea of a Perfect Movement

Thought for the day…

The body’s instinct is to move. The IDEA OF A PERFECT MOVEMENT is innate in our brain, bones and tissues.  Notice how your body feels when you see a dancer…

or when you watch this performance by rhythmic gymnast, Yana Kudryavtseva…

You might notice your body wanting to or even trying to copy these beautiful movements.  At a deep neural, cellular level inside us, they feel known, possible even.

Pilates helps us realise this idea of perfect movement by encouraging us to be present in the body, to breathe correctly, to concentrate deeply, to centre ourselves physically and mentally, to be in control of our movements, to be precise and efficient in the way we move and to flow.


Where to Buy Small Pilates Balls

Jana Berezko-Marggrander, Olympics, ryhtmic gymnastics ball routine

The small Pilates exercise ball is a key feature of Melissa’s classes.  Having experienced the benefits of using one over the weeks, a number of clients have asked where they can buy a ball for themselves.  Highly recommended for both quality and value for money is this one available from the Yoga Studio.

The 7-inch blue ball is £2.49 and the 9-inch red ball is £2.99.  For most people the larger size is the most suitable.  For petite women, the smaller ball might be better.  Delivery within 4-5 working days is just £1.99.

A tenuous link perhaps but any excuse to show a clip from a favourite film of all time, Albert Lamorisse’s Le Ballon Rouge from 1956…

Pilates with Balls!

Small soft Pilates balls

The small Pilates soft ball (sometimes referred to as an overball or exer-soft ball) is a useful training aid to assist in targeting and isolating specific muscles, particularly the abdominals, inner thighs and the gluteals.  Exercises incorporating a small Pilates ball help to improve strength, endurance, concentration, coordination and balance. It is also helps in the engagement of the pelvic floor.  Equally it can be used as a supporting cushion when partially inflated and is suitable for neck and upper back massages.

Pilates wheel or spine curl using a small soft ball

Melissa now uses the 7″ and 9″ exer-soft ball in all her classes.  These are provided along with mats and head blocks in varying sizes.

Melissa doesn’t use the ball in class to do this though unfortunately.  Watch and marvel…