August Class Timetable Changes

Edinburgh Fringe Acrobat

A mini adventure to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival means there will be no 10.00 Saturday morning Pilates class on the 20th August at The Wellbeing Studio.

I won’t be running the 11.30 Piloga class at Strode Leisure Centre either, however a cover teacher has been arranged and a yoga class will run in its place.

There also won’t be a Monday lunchtime class on the 29th August as this is a Bank Holiday.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these minor changes.  For clients who normally come along to the Monday and Saturday classes, why not join one of the other sessions taking place those weeks.  You’d be very welcome.

To close, here’s a favourite Scottish band, The Jesus and Mary Chain with Mazzy Star frontwoman, Hope Sandoval…

Pilates Meets Yoga

Batman and Robin discuss Pilates

Batman is right, Pilates and yoga are two very distinct disciplines. Piloga though is another matter, a unique fusion class which explores the similarities and differences between the two.

Using the Pilates approach to breathing and the pelvic floor engagement at the heart of Joseph Pilates’ method (Note – if you’re attending a Pilates class and the teacher doesn’t use either of these things then you’re not really doing Pilates and are missing out on the main benefits), Piloga brings together the best of both disciplines to create a full-body workout focussed on core stability and controlled flowing movements. The aim of Piloga is to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the body by taking it through a healthy range of bending, stretching and turning.

Melissa runs two Piloga classes a week at Strode Leisure Centre in Clevedon:

  • Thursday mornings, 10.30 to 12.00
  • Saturday mornings, 11.30 to 13.00

Catwoman balancing on bottles

The age of those attending is diverse, from mid-twenties to over sixty. Most people are beginner or intermediate level and attend regularly because they find the class helps them avoid feeling achy and stiff, or helps them manage a condition they suffer from like sciatica or arthritis. Others come as a way of recovering from injury, or to improve their performance in another sporting activity, e.g. running or cycling.

The classes are open to all, free to members of Strode Leisure Centre, or £7.40 per 90-minute session for non-members.

New Sweaty Betty SS15 Piloga Clothing Range

Sweaty Betty Yoga Retreat clothing range March 2015

Sweaty Betty has just launched a new range of work-out gear for Spring Summer 2015, aimed at those who enjoy yoga and Pilates.  The Yoga Retreat collection consists of vests, jumpsuits/all-in-ones, capris and harem pants, swimwear, shorts, hoodies and sweat tops in a black, white and coral pink colour palette.  It’s a nice addition to their Yoga Looks range, which is also worth checking out.

You can purchase online for delivery at home, or they have a shop in Bristol if you want to see the range in the flesh before you buy, or use their free click and collect service.

Sweaty Betty Yoga Pro range SS15

New Specialist Pilates Classes Starting 6th September


This Saturday 6th September sees the launch of two new specialist classes.

Melissa will be running a series of five Pilates for Cyclists classes at Roll for the Soul, the veggie bike cafe and workshop on Quay Street in Bristol.  The 90-minute session starts at 16.00.  This short news article highlights the benefits of Pilates for regular cyclists. There are just a couple of places left to fill.  To secure one of them, please get in touch via the contact form.  The cost is £12 per 90 minute session, or £50 if you pay upfront for all five sessions.  The class is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Mats and blocks are provided for use in class.

Also starting this Saturday, Melissa will be running a new Piloga class at Strode Leisure Centre in Clevedon.  This is in addition to the Piloga and Pilates classes she runs at Strode on Thursday morning at 10.30 and Wednesday evening at 18.00 respectively.  90 minutes long, the new Piloga class starts at 11.30 on Saturdays.  Piloga is a fusion class using the Pilates approach to breathing and pelvic floor engagement.  It combines the best of both Pilates and yoga to create a workout that is low impact and focussed on core stability and controlled flowing movements. The aim of Piloga is to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the body.

This class is now a permanent feature on the timetable, available on a drop-in basis and open to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.  The cost is £7.40 per session, or free to full members of Strode Leisure Centre.