Pilates with a Resistance Band

The new online small equipment Pilates class which began in September on Mondays at 1800 is proving popular.  Thank you for your support.  It’s great to hear from so many of you how much you’re enjoying the challenge of practising Pilates with the small ball and foam roller.  A nice complement to the general Pilates classes too.

Starting next Monday 2 November we’ll be adding a resistance band into the mix for those who want to use it.  Like the ball, resistance bands are cheap to purchase, easy to store and carry around and provide an opportunity to explore more exercises from the Pilates repertoire.

What are the benefits of using a resistance band in Pilates?

  • allows us to target specific muscle groups and tendons and strengthen them;
  • provides support to ensure exercises are performed with control and stability;
  • the tension created by the bands can be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs and ability;
  • helps to ensure good alignment while performing an exercise;
  • recreates the exercises done on Pilates studio equipment e.g. the reformer in a matwork class.

A lot of people will already have a resistance band but for those who don’t you can purchase one from the Physio Room.  A light and/or medium band will be perfect to use in our Monday evening small equipment Pilates class.  You can probably find them cheaper on eBay or Amazon but based on experience, you get what you pay for.  I’ve gone for the cheaper option in the past and have found they easily tear and often aren’t the thickness/resistance level they claim to be.

See you online on the mat soon!

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Update on classes

This month I was hoping to add a morning and an early evening Pilates class in a studio to the existing timetable.  However with the Covid-19 infection rate rising considerably again to the level we had in mid-May, I think it is best to continue with just the online classes for the time being.  Fingers crossed the “rule of six” that came into force today will quickly bring the R number back to below one.  Assuming it does, in October we will try a tentative return to a studio environment.

To give you plenty of notice, when we do resume studio-based classes I’ll be asking you to bring your own mat and blocks.  This is for hygiene reasons bearing in mind the new Covid world we’re now living in.  By using your own equipment you will know that only you have had close contact with it.  You can also clean everything thoroughly before you come to class and afterwards at home, reducing the time we’ll be in contact with each other in one room.

Here is a suggested list of kit you might want to invest in if you plan to continue Pilates with me going forward.  Follow the links to some suggested places where you can buy the items new online…

Alternatively, I have a limited stock of pre-loved, deep-cleaned mats, blocks, small Pilates balls and foam rollers for sale, which I will happily deliver free and very quickly to your home if you live in Clevedon or the surrounding area.

Here is my price list:

  • thick Pilates mat (blue, green, purple) – £15 SOLD OUT
  • 9″ red Pilates ball (which suits most people) – £3 SOLD OUT
  • 7″ blue Pilates ball (best suited for children and small women dress size 6) – £2 SOLD OUT
    • I have one brand new, still in the packet 7″ blue ball available – £3 SOLD OUT
  • 2.5 cm blue head block (the thin one we tend to rest the forehead on) – £4 SOLD OUT
  • 5cm purple head block (the thick one we use to sit on and rest the head on lying on our side) – £4 SOLD OUT
  • foam roller – £15 SOLD OUT

Please contact me if you’re interested in purchasing any of the above so I can arrange with you a method of payment and a delivery time to suit you.

Finally, to help you improve and get the most from your Pilates practice, the online Pilates timetable is growing in two ways:

  • I’m adding a new online class on Mondays at 1800 from 21st September.  This is a small equipment Pilates session dedicated to working exclusively with the foam roller and small ball.  Full details on this page of my website.
  • I’m now offering online one-to-one Pilates consultations.  Full details on this page of my website.

To close, Billie…

Online One-to One Pilates Consultations

Would you benefit from getting specific advice about your Pilates practice?

Did you miss one or more of the pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorials and would you like me to repeat it just for you at a time of your choosing?

Are there exercises you do in class you’d like to check you’re doing correctly?

Are you currently injured or experiencing discomfort in your body and looking for guidance about which Pilates exercises will help you specifically address this issue?

Are there exercises in class you can’t seem to get to grips with and would like more in-depth advice to help you master them?

Do you want to treat yourself and do a Pilates class specifically tailored to your individual needs?

Are you concerned about doing one of the online classes where I can’t see you and looking for a more tailored alternative?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you might benefit from an online one-to-one Pilates consultation.  Unlike the online classes, we would be able to see and hear each other throughout the session, allowing a useful dialogue.  I would demonstrate the exercises and as you repeat them I will watch, providing helpful tips to ensure you’re doing the exercises safely and getting the intended benefit from them.

The online one-to-one sessions cost £17.50 for 30 minutes or £35 for one hour.

To book an online one-to-one Pilates consultation, please email me letting me know what it is you’d like me to help you with, how long a session you would want and a few dates and times when you’re free to have the consultation.

Socktastic Pilates Prize Draw

To help you get the most from your feet, particularly when you’re practising Pilates with me online from home, I’m offering a pair of toe socks (size 4-11) and a pair of Sweaty Betty Pilates socks (one size) to the winner of a prize draw.

To enter please carry out one or both of these two Pilateasy-peasy steps:

  • Follow my website
  • If you’re on social media, follow me on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook…or all three.  I know, greedy.

The draw is open to UK residents only and closes next Friday 18 September at 1800 with the winner informed soon after.

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New Pop-up Pilates Tutorial – Taking Care of Your Neck

As voted by you, the next online pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial, the second in the series is on the most moveable section of the spine, the neck.  It will take place on Thursday 20 August at 1900.

During the course of the 30-minute session I’ll take you through a short programme of exercises to help strengthen, stretch and improve the range of movement of your neck.

Who the tutorial is suitable for

The session is open to everyone except those based in the US and Canada who for insurance reasons I’m unable to teach.  Sorry about that.

For those with osteoporosis or osteopenia, certain exercises will not be suitable for you.  I will make it clear during the course of the session which ones you will need to miss out.

If you have any healing fractures or new sprains or strains affecting the neck, shoulder or upper back for which you’re seeing a health professional, please just watch rather than joining in with the exercises and maybe take notes.  The exercises should help you once you’ve completed treatment with your health professional.

How will you benefit

The exercises over time will assist the proper functioning of the neck by improving the strength and flexibility of the key neck muscles, ligaments, tendons and membranes.  This will in turn…

  • release tightness in your neck, shoulder and upper back area thereby avoiding pain associated with misaligned spinal vertebrae and compressed vertebral discs;
  • help you to maintain the 15-20 pound load of your head in equilibrium;
  • improve blood flow to your brain thereby avoiding migraines and headaches;
  • improve your balance mechanism.

What you will need for this pop-up Pilates tutorial

To get the most from the session you will need:

To attend this pop-up Pilates tutorial, please register here with Zoom. Once you have done so you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Zoom (please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive straight away in your inbox), which contains a link that only you can use to attend this tutorial. On the day of the session, 5-10 minutes before the start time just click on this link to join the tutorial.

Before the tutorial, if you’re using a tablet or mobile to take part you will need to download the Zoom App from the App store, which is free. If you’re using a laptop and want quick and smooth access to the session, download Zoom Client for Meetings for free from their website. You don’t need any kind of Zoom account to attend my online classes and pop-up tutorials.

Please help me to help others by sharing details of this pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial, inviting any friends, family members and work colleagues you think might be interested in registering to attend.

The pop-up tutorials are free.  There is an option after the session to pay what the tutorial was worth to you or what you can afford.  How to make such a contribution, for those interested in doing so will be explained in the confirmation email you will receive  after registering.

Pop-up Pilates Tutorial – Poll Results

Thank you to those taking part in the recent poll to determine the topic, day and time of the next Pop-up PILATES X MELISSA Tutorial.

Here are the results (zoom in or click on the image to enlarge)…drum roll, fanfare, ticker tape parade…

A close race but the subject you have chosen for your next Pop-up PILATES X MELISSA Tutorial, the second in the series is how to take care of your neck.  It will take place on a Thursday at 1900.

Based on the poll results, the third Pop-up Pilates Tutorial will be on meditation techniques to relieve stress and aid sleep.

The fourth Pop-up Pilates Tutorial will be on how to improve your balance – a top down, bottom up approach.

In the coming weeks I’ll post the date and details of how to register for the next Pop-up Pilates Tutorial on how to take care of your neck.  Watch this space…or if you prefer, watch this one, a video of Laura Marling doing a tiny home concert with songs from her new record, Songs For Our Daughter…

Poll – Choose Your Next Pop-Up Pilates Tutorial

The Pop-Up PILATES X MELISSA Tutorial on the feet in June proved very popular.  So popular in fact that a number of people have asked me to repeat it.  Thank you for your support.

To choose your next free online Pop-up Pilates Tutorial, please vote in the poll below.  It’s anonymous and takes less than a minute to complete…



The poll will close next Wednesday 15 July at 2359 with the results shared later that week.

Happy voting!

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Changes to the Online Class Timetable

To address what you’ve all told me in the recent survey are the session times you’re most interested in, I’m making the following changes to the current online Pilates class schedule. Starting next week, the week commencing the 22 June, the Monday lunchtime class will move to Tuesday mornings at 1000 and the evening class on Wednesdays will start earlier at 1900.

So, to summarise, the online Pilates class timetable now looks like this:

  • Tuesdays 1000 to 1100
  • Wednesdays 1900 to 2000 *
  • Fridays 0930 to 1030 *

*not suitable for those with osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Once the UK Government and Public Health England give the go-ahead to resume fitness classes and when I believe it is safe for us to do Pilates together again, I will add an initial one or two studio-based group classes to the timetable.

There will always be an online Pilates class option available.

To close, here’s jazz guitarist, Julian Lage’s heart-warming and Fendertastic cover of We’ll Meet Again.  RIP Dame Vera Lynn…

Survey Results

A big thank you to the 114 people who took part in the survey I ran recently.  I now have a clearer idea of your likely intentions when fitness classes are deemed safe to resume and the session times you’re most interested in.

The results are below.  To make each image larger either zoom in if you’re viewing on a tablet or smartphone, or click on the image if using a laptop or desktop…

Interesting reading.  Thank you again for sharing your views with me.  Based on the above findings, I’ve made some changes to the current schedule of online Pilates classes.  Full details on this page of my website.


For Your Viewing and Listening Pleasure

To help you get the most from my online Pilates classes, a few tips…

WiFi Signal

First, try and have the device you’re using to access the class as near to the router as possible.  This will ensure you have the best WiFi signal you can get.  Those using a laptop or desktop, better still would be to connect to the router via an ethernet cable.

Next, shutdown all the other apps etc that you may have running in the background so that all your device’s resource is concentrated on running Zoom as efficiently as possible. It also stops you being distracted during the class by notifications etc popping up.


I’m now using an external USB mic during my online Pilates classes.  To optimise the sound quality still further I’d recommend you change the Zoom audio settings on your device.  It’s very easy to do.

If you use the Zoom app on your tablet or phone, simply click the gear icon on the home page to access the ‘Settings’ page…

…then scroll down and make sure the ‘Use Original Sound’ button is switched on…

That’s it.  You’re now all set to hear me without any noise suppression, which can make the audio signal chop in and out.  Noise suppression is helpful in a busy office environment where there is a lot of background noise but not necessary in an online Pilates class at home setting.

If you use a laptop or desktop, the above process is very similar plus you have a few more advanced setting options which will enhance the audio even further. You can make these changes before the class as follows…

First, open up Zoom Client, go to the home page and click on the gear icon top right to access the ‘Settings’ page…

On the ‘Settings’ page, select ‘Audio’ and uncheck the box next to ‘Automatically adjust microphone volume.’  This now allows you to control the volume of your speakers and mic by moving the sliders…

On the same ‘Audio Settings’ page, click the Advanced button bottom right, which brings up this screen…

Check the box next to ‘Show in-meeting option to ‘Enable Original Sound’ from microphone.’  Then in the ‘Audio Processing’ section of this page, disable the ‘Suppress Persistent Background Noise’ and ‘Suppress Intermittent Background Noise’…

You can also make the above changes after you’ve joined the online class in the 5-10 minutes before we begin.  In the bottom left of the screen next to the mic icon is an arrow.  Click it and you can see ‘Audio settings’ at the bottom of the list.  Click this and it brings up the screens shown above so you can make the changes I’ve described.


To further enhance the sound quality during my online classes, you might want to use external USB speakers.  Almost any on the market will give you better quality sound than the internal speakers in your device.  I have the Creative Pebble Plus 2.1 Speaker Set –  not too expensive, very good sound quality and nice design.


Finally, I’m now using a webcam instead of the internal camera in my laptop so the quality of the images should be even better.

Hope that helps.  See you online in class soon.