Pilates Socks Back in Stock

For those who have been asking, the Pilates toe socks and cover socks are now back in stock.  Finally!  These include two new colourways – for goth types, black with a grey stripe on the cuff and for would-be hippies, rainbow stripe.

For further information on the toe socks and cover socks and why they are beneficial, please check out this page on my website.

The toe socks cost £6.50 per pair (RRP £8.25).  This is the last time they will be available at this price as the supplier is increasing his prices.

The cover socks are £8 per pair (RRP £12).

You can buy the socks from me when you come to class. Stocks are limited so to secure a pair, you might want to contact me before the class and I will put the socks aside for you. Alternatively, if you’re Clevedon-based you can contact me to arrange to pay online and I’ll deliver the socks to your home within 24 hours of purchase.

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New Pilates Socks in Stock

I am often asked what socks I recommend to do Pilates in.  My answer every time is toe socks, and not just when you come to class.  I wear them most days.  Why?  In the same way it’s hard to use your fingers when you wear mittens, it is also very difficult to use your toes properly in conventional socks.

Below is a slightly corny video highlighting the benefits of toe socks.  For those who like a corn-free, bulleted list, here you go…

Why Toe Socks Are Good For You

  • the separation of the toes brings greater awareness of the feet.  In other words, it helps your brain talk to your feet better and move them correctly;
  • using our toes and feet more effectively promotes good posture and improves balance;
  • being able to move the toes more freely improves the circulation in the feet and as a result, helps them keep warm better and naturally;
  • toe socks help prevent the growth of bacteria, which can lead to unpleasant odours, Athlete’s Foot and other fungus related problems;
  • separation of the toes helps to avoid friction between them and the blisters that can result.


Unfortunately, toe socks can be much more expensive than regular socks.  For this reason I’ve bought a stock of them, which are now available to buy at below the recommended retail price.  I’ve chosen the brand of socks I wear most days and have done for many years, so they’re well-tested.

I have stripy turquoise socks (see image of the actual sock at the top of the page) and plain black ones (actual sock shown in the photo below).

The toe socks are:

  • unisex;
  • very stretchy ensuring a good fit for sizes UK 4-11, EU 35-46;
  • made from 90% cotton and 10% elastane;
  • machine washable just like conventional socks (at 30°C with like colours);
  • thin enough to fit into all types of shoe;
  • easy to put on;
  • seam-free for greater comfort.

The cost per pair from me is £6.50.  The usual recommended retail price including postage would be £8.25 so a decent saving.

I’ve chosen toe socks without a grip sole because in class we do a lot of sliding of the feet along the mat.  I’ve found that grip soles tend to inhibit this movement and in some instances, make the socks come off.

For those that would like the benefit of toe socks but with extra grip for certain exercises, e.g. balances in standing, I have in stock Pilates cover socks available to buy too.  I sometimes wear these over my toe socks, for warmth as much as the extra grip.  Lots of people wear their Pilates cover socks on their own.  Here’s what they look like…

They normally retail at £12 per pair.  I have a limited stock of the slate grey ones (actual sock shown in the pictures above and below) available for £8. Deal!

The Pilates cover socks are:

  • one size;
  • made of a soft, sweat-wicking cotton blend;
  • grip panel on the sole;
  • low-cut heel and toe with cross strap across the foot;
  • machine washable (at 40°C with like colours).

Want to buy a pair?  Two easy options.  You can buy the socks from me when you come to class.  To secure a pair, you might want to contact me before the class and I will put the socks aside for you.  Alternatively, if you’re Clevedon-based, you can contact me to arrange to pay online and I’ll deliver the socks to your home within 24 hours of purchase.

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Recommended Pilates Socks

A number of clients have asked me where they can buy Pilates socks.  With their special rubberised grip soles, Pilates socks are useful when exercising on cold, slippy wooden studio floors.  Here are a few recommendations…

Cheap and cheerful

Fitness Basics Pilates Socks

At £2.89 including postage, Fitness Basics offer a good budget pair of Pilates/Yoga socks.  They are available in a range of colours and in both the five-toe (as shown above) and regular sock design.

Good brand, mid-range price

APPI Pilates Socks

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) socks are specially designed for Pilates and have the benefit of a seamless toe and a unique reflexology point non-slip sole.  A well-designed sock requiring a bit more of an investment than the budget pair – £7.99 plus £2.95 for postage and packaging.

High Street Brand with a price to match

Sweaty Betty Pilates Socks

Specially designed for Pilates with a nifty over-foot elastic to keep it in place throughout the class, Sweaty Betty‘s Pilates socks cost £12.  Available in a range of colours, they are currently on offer – two pairs for £20.  Home delivery is of course extra (£4) or free if you visit their Bristol shop at 59 Queen’s Road, BS8 1QL.