Pop-up Pilates Tutorial 4 – How to Improve Your Balance

As voted by you, the fourth online pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial is on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE.  It will take place on Thursday 14 January at 1900.

This 30-minute session will start with a brief explanation of how the balance mechanism works.  We will then progress through a series of standing balances which will encourage the proper functioning of the systems we use in the body to balance.

Take part or just watch and take notes, whatever suits you best.

Who the tutorial is suitable for

The session is suitable for everyone except those based in the US and Canada who for insurance reasons I’m unable to teach.  Sorry about that. Children under sixteen are very welcome but must attend with a parent or guardian.

The people who will find this tutorial particularly useful are those who:

  • suffer from neck pain/tension
  • are over 50.  Balance is a key skill we tend to lose as we age
  • have had a whiplash injury
  • have hypermobility proprioceptive deficit
  • have osteoporosis or osteopenia for whom a fall would have more negative consequences
  • do sports and find they often get injured.

How will you benefit

Balance training can help:

  • increase the strength of your leg, gluteal and core muscles
  • improve the stability of your ankle, knee, hip, back and neck joints
  • encourage your ability to focus/concentrate
  • reverse age-related loss of balance
  • prevent falls
  • improve your posture and alignment
  • rehabilitate and prevent lower-leg injuries in athletes
  • improve coordination
  • promote a proper gait when walking/hiking or running.  People with poor balance often develop a poor gait to compensate.

How to join the pop-up tutorial

To attend this session, please register here with Zoom. Once you have done so you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Zoom.  Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive straight away in your inbox.  If you didn’t receive this email you may have mistyped your email address so please re-register.

This Zoom confirmation email contains a link that only you can use to attend this tutorial. On the day of the session, 5-10 minutes before the start time just click on this link to join the tutorial.  The passcode for the session is embedded in the link but if for some reason you are asked to enter a passcode this is provided in the Zoom email.

Before the tutorial, if you’re using a tablet or mobile to take part you will need to download the Zoom App from the App store, which is free. If you’re using a laptop and want quick and smooth access to the session on the day, download Zoom Client for Meetings in advance and for free from their website. You don’t need any kind of Zoom account to attend my online classes and pop-up tutorials.

Please help me to help others by sharing details of this pop-up tutorial with any friends, family members and work colleagues you think might be interested in joining us.

The pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorials are free.  There is an option after the session to pay what the tutorial was worth to you or what you can afford.  I’m very grateful to all those who contributed something after the last two pop-up tutorials on the neck and meditative breathing. How to make such a contribution, for those interested in doing so is explained in the confirmation email you will receive from Zoom after registering.

Thanks for your continued support.

To close, here’s Elvis…not The King.  The less regal one from Blighty.  Sack the backing dancers…for stealing my moves!