Celebs Inadvertently Doing Pilates

Vanessa Paradis’ version of the mermaid.

Teaching tip – only do Pilates on a pedestal if there are snakes on the floor.

Bonus alternative fact – Paradis’ famous hit Joe Le Taxi is actually about Joseph Pilates.

Prince’s version of the superman.

Teaching tip – to avoid making this face while doing the superman, keep your head ribcage and pelvis nicely aligned.

David Bowie’s version of the clam.

Teaching tip – when performing the clam in tight trousers, always have a sewing kit handy.

Brigitte Bardot’s version of the diamond press.

Teaching tip – avoid turning to look coquettishly at the camera in the middle of this exercise.

Marilyn Monroe’s version of the seated spine stretch.

Teaching tip – victory rolls add more flow to your Pilates.

Madonna’s version of the single leg raise.

Teaching tip – if you decide to support your head with your foot rather than a block while performing this exercise, always wear big pants.

Marlene Dietrich’s version of the arm circle chicken wings upper body release series.

Teaching tip – don’t try and draw your eyebrows on while doing the arm circle sequence.

Kate Bush’s version of the open leg rocker balance.

Teaching tip – al fresco Pilates plus white trousers minus a mat equals grass stain alert!

Blondie’s version of the mermaid.

Teaching tip – best performed wearing some form of leg covering.

Festive Pilates

The Kate Bush Christmas decorations are out at PXM HQ which means the festive season is fast-approaching.  There are plenty of online Pilates classes running over the festive fortnight to help keep us all moving and motivated.  Here’s the schedule…

  • Monday 21 December 1800 to 1900 Small Equipment Pilates class*
  • Tuesday 22 December 1000 to 1100 Rehabilitative Pilates class (no less challenging than the General and Small Equipment classes)
  • Wednesday 23 December 1900 to 2000 General Pilates class*
  • Monday 28 December 1800 to 1900 Small Equipment Pilates class*
  • Tuesday 29 December 1000 to 1100 Rehabilitative Pilates class
  • Wednesday 30 December 1900 to 2000 General Pilates class*

*not suitable for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Same process as usual – the classes for the week commencing the 21 December will be available to book online from this Friday 18 December, and the classes for the week commencing the 28 December will be available for booking from next Friday 25 December.

In the New Year there will be a free online pop-up Pilates tutorial on how to improve your balance.

Thank you very much for supporting my classes this year, whether that was in the studio at the beginning of 2020…feels like a lifetime ago!…or online or both.  Being able to keep teaching and to run some kind of practice over the past ten months is something I will always be grateful for the chance to do.

Stay safe and well over the festive season, think of others.  2021 is just around the corner, a new chapter.  Let’s take the positive lessons we’ve learned from our experiences this year and use them to make a better world for everyone.

To close here’s the title track from one of my albums of 2020 – Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters.

Happy holidays.

You Are Feeling Very Sleeeeepy…

I bought a pot of Lush’s Sleepy body lotion, more because I liked the smell (think warm, thick, lavender-infused porridge) rather than believing claims in the media that it helps even hyperactive kids and insomniacs fall asleep.  After two weeks of using it though I have to say it works for me!  I’ve fallen asleep quicker and slept more deeply as a result of using it at bedtime.  Strange dreams of flying, cat-faced chickens were an added bonus.

At £7.95 for a 95g pot, it’s not exactly cheap, but it does include Fair Trade cocoa butter and is endorsed by the Vegan Society.  I use it sparingly on my hands, which handily can be placed right near my nose to ensure an ongoing slug of the smell all night.  As a result that 95g pot is lasting me ages.

To close, I could post a woozy, sleep-inducing track like Kate Bush’s And Dream of Sheep, OR this…”off to Never Never Land, ha ha!”