Summer Class Timetable Changes

With the longest day just around the corner, thoughts turn to summer holidays.  Below is a list of the days when there will be no Pilates classes at The Wellbeing Studio in the period July to September:

  • Tuesday 2nd July to Friday 5th July inclusive
  • Saturday 20th July
  • Bank Holiday Monday 26 August
  • Friday 30th August to Tuesday 3rd September inclusive
  • Saturday 14th September to Monday 16th September inclusive

Apologies if your usual class is affected by these short breaks.  As you can see there will be other classes running during the affected weeks so if you don’t want to miss a session perhaps you could book into another class that week.  The Availability page on this website shows where there are spaces available for classes taking place in the week ahead.  You can also make a booking from this page.

Glastonbury is just over a week away.  I’m not going.  Bit too commercial these days for my liking, but here’s one of the best Glasto performances of all time…

The Art of the Body II

Regular visitors to the website will know that EP HQ is very interested in how the human body influences art.  A trip last weekend to Tate Modern’s stunning new extension, the Switch House provided some great examples.  The Artist Rooms are currently devoted to the work of Louise Bourgeois, who explored the theme of the human body regularly in her art.

Here are a couple of her pieces hanging in one of the Artist Rooms…

Louise Bourgeois body parts Tate Modern Artists Rooms

Another of the galleries in The Switch House currently features a retrospective of Rebecca Horn’s work, an artist who often incorporates the human body in her sculptures…

Rebecca Horn Body Sculpture

This weekend I came across a dance piece, bODY rEMIX gOLDBERG vARIATIONS by the controversial Canadian choreographer, Marie Chouinard.  Included in the work are dancers using various devices normally associated with physical disability, e.g. crutches, prostheses, to extend their bodies and create unusual shapes and movements.  The result is surprisingly beautiful…

Body Remix by Marie Chouinard

Another recent mini adventure, this time to The Eden Project in late June to see P J Harvey, I came across this sign which, if I was wearing a bigger coat, I would have nicked so I could bring it back and hang it on the Pilates studio door…

Sign for The Core at the Eden Project

Finally, here’s Polly Jean herself performing in all her glory at this year’s Glastonbury, a couple of days before I saw her Eden Session gig.  Unlike Pilton, we had wall-to-wall sunshine…ha!  Take that, Glasto!

Note: I would KILL for PJ’s hat…assuming no birds were harmed in the making of it of course…