Festive Pilates 2021

A quick note to say that the usual four online classes will be running each week throughout the festive fortnight.  Pilates, a healthy gift to yourself after another “interesting” 12 months and a good counter to the potential excesses of the holiday season.  If you’d like to join me, feel free to either book in advance or on the day up to 15 minutes before the start time of the session.

Wishing all my clients, past and present a very happy festive season.

Thanks for supporting me this year and in previous years, whether by coming to class or by keeping in touch by email/text or by taking the time to say hello and have a chat when I see you out and about in Clevedon on one of my walks. Outside is now my new inside!

Here’s to an even kinder, more free 2022.

Be well and keep moving!


Bonus feature, a mini concert from Goat Girl, whose album On All Fours is on my best of 2021 list…

Festive Pilates

The Kate Bush Christmas decorations are out at PXM HQ which means the festive season is fast-approaching.  There are plenty of online Pilates classes running over the festive fortnight to help keep us all moving and motivated.  Here’s the schedule…

  • Monday 21 December 1800 to 1900 Small Equipment Pilates class*
  • Tuesday 22 December 1000 to 1100 Rehabilitative Pilates class (no less challenging than the General and Small Equipment classes)
  • Wednesday 23 December 1900 to 2000 General Pilates class*
  • Monday 28 December 1800 to 1900 Small Equipment Pilates class*
  • Tuesday 29 December 1000 to 1100 Rehabilitative Pilates class
  • Wednesday 30 December 1900 to 2000 General Pilates class*

*not suitable for people with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Same process as usual – the classes for the week commencing the 21 December will be available to book online from this Friday 18 December, and the classes for the week commencing the 28 December will be available for booking from next Friday 25 December.

In the New Year there will be a free online pop-up Pilates tutorial on how to improve your balance.

Thank you very much for supporting my classes this year, whether that was in the studio at the beginning of 2020…feels like a lifetime ago!…or online or both.  Being able to keep teaching and to run some kind of practice over the past ten months is something I will always be grateful for the chance to do.

Stay safe and well over the festive season, think of others.  2021 is just around the corner, a new chapter.  Let’s take the positive lessons we’ve learned from our experiences this year and use them to make a better world for everyone.

To close here’s the title track from one of my albums of 2020 – Fiona Apple’s Fetch the Bolt Cutters.

Happy holidays.

Christmas 2019 Timetable Changes

The Christmas 2019 holiday season is just around the corner which means a change to the usual class timetable. There will be no Pilates classes running at The Wellbeing Studio from SUNDAY 22ND DECEMBER to WEDNESDAY 1ST JANUARY inclusive.

To clarify, the last Pilates class of the year will be the 1000 session on Saturday 21 December. The first Pilates class of 2020 will be the 1230 session on Thursday 2 January.

Remember, you can CHECK AVAILABILITY AND BOOK IN for Pilates classes at any time via the Availability page of my website.

Looking for a last-minute stocking filler?  How about a pair of Winter toe socks?

To close, here’s one of my songs of 2019…

Christmas 2017 Class Timetable Changes

Oh to be free to dance in the snow in your pants!

So, yes, Christmas is coming and the nut roast is getting fat. Embody Pilates will be taking a break over the holiday season from Friday 22nd December to Tuesday 2nd January inclusive. This means the last class before I break up (not literally) is the 1900 session on Thursday 21st December and the first class back is the 1015 session on Wednesday 3rd January.

For those most affected by the changes to the timetable, you’re welcome to book into one of the other classes taking place in the week running up to Christmas and in the week after New Year.

To close, a track from one of my albums of the year, St Vincent’s Masseduction.  Ooh those boots!  I’ll pass on the rest of the outfit, mind…

Merry Merriness!

Downward dog Santa

A big thank you to everyone who has supported Embody Pilates in 2016.  I value all my clients and referrers a great deal.  It’s been another fantastic year and I feel very fortunate.

In case you missed it, here are details of the Christmas and New Year 2016 class timetable.  See you from Tuesday 3rd January when classes at The Wellbeing Studio will resume and we can get cracking on all those health-related New Year’s resolutions.

Have a happy and restful festive season.  Below, two more of my favourite Christmas chooooons…


Class Timetable – Christmas and New Year 2016

Christmas light dancer

1st December today and Christmas 2016 is just around the corner.  Surprisingly, EP HQ is well-prepared this year with the class timetable for the upcoming festive period already confirmed.

The Wellbeing Studio is being refurbished over the Christmas holidays, which means there will be no Pilates classes from Monday 19th December to Monday 2nd January inclusive. The last class before the break then will be Saturday 17th December at 10.00 and the first class back will be on Tuesday 3rd January at 18.15 when the timetable resumes as normal.

Too early for a Christmas song?  Probably…but who cares. Here’s this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature winner (hmmm!), King Bob of Dylan.  Who’s got a big red cherry nose?  Must be Bad Santa…

Merry Merry!

Pilates at Christmas

The festive fortnight is underway with a special timetable of Pilates classes running at The Wellbeing Studio, in case you want to get a head start on any New Year resolutions for a healthier and fitter 2016.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the Pilates classes I ran in Clevedon and Bristol during 2015. I very much value your custom and your recommendations to others to come along and try the classes.  I hope you’ve found the sessions beneficial and even fun on occasions… how can balancing on a ball not be fun, I ask myself!

Enjoy the festive break and all the best for a happy, healthy and peaceful 2016.

To close, as promised in my last post, here is a medley of songs from the best Christmas album of all time, A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector…


A Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hitchcock in a sleigh with children

Yes, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a picture of Alfred Hitchcock in a sleigh eating snow with his three grandchildren.

Anyway, in case you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member, you might like to consider buying a Embody Pilates gift card.  They cost from as little as £10.  Here’s what we have available…

  • £10 gift card to treat someone to one group Pilates class
  • £40 gift card for one private Pilates session
  • £50 gift card for six group Pilates classes
  • £80 gift card for two private Pilates sessions
  • £120 gift card for three private Pilates sessions

The recipient of the group Pilates class gift cards can choose to attend any of the group Pilates classes that take place on the weekly schedule at the studio in Clevedon.  The private Pilates sessions can be arranged at a time to suit the individual and can take place either at The Wellbeing Studio, or at the recipient’s home if they live in Clevedon or the surrounding area, whichever is the more convenient.

To see what the cards look like and for full details on how to pay for and get hold of a card in time for Christmas, click here.

I said last week I don’t really do Christmas albums.  Turns out I was wrong – I have five of them!  In last week’s post, I included a song from Mindy Smith’s My Holiday album.  Here are tracks from two of the others.  The first features on Sufjan Stevens’ Songs For Christmas album.  Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance…just you try and stop us, Sufjan!



And here’s the title track from Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong album.  This is definitely a contender for the saddest Christmas song ever written…



Next week I’ll post a video with a medley of songs from the best Christmas album of all time…stay tuned…

Best wishes.


Festive Fortnight Class Timetable

Punk Santa

The festive season is just around the corner and here at EP HQ, we’re ironing our evil elf and Bad Santa costumes in preparation…not really. We have finalised the timetable of Pilates classes that will run at The Wellbeing Studio over the Christmas and New Year fortnight though.  Here it is…

– Monday 21st December, 12.30-13.30
– Tuesday 22nd December, 18.15-19.15
– Tuesday 29th December, 18.15-19.15
– Saturday 2nd January, 10.00-11.00

All are welcome to come along to the above classes.  Some people have booked a place on one or more of the sessions, but for those of you who find on the day that you’re available to attend, please feel free to join us.  I’m sure we can fit you in.

The normal weekly timetable of Pilates classes at The Wellbeing Studio will resume from Monday 4th January of course.

To sing us out and get us into the holiday spirit, below is the title track from folk/country/bluegrass/Americana singer-songwriter, Mindy Smith’s Christmas album.  I don’t really do Christmas albums but My Holiday is a bit of a cracker.

Merry merry.