Celebs Inadvertently Doing Pilates

Vanessa Paradis’ version of the mermaid.

Teaching tip – only do Pilates on a pedestal if there are snakes on the floor.

Bonus alternative fact – Paradis’ famous hit Joe Le Taxi is actually about Joseph Pilates.

Prince’s version of the superman.

Teaching tip – to avoid making this face while doing the superman, keep your head ribcage and pelvis nicely aligned.

David Bowie’s version of the clam.

Teaching tip – when performing the clam in tight trousers, always have a sewing kit handy.

Brigitte Bardot’s version of the diamond press.

Teaching tip – avoid turning to look coquettishly at the camera in the middle of this exercise.

Marilyn Monroe’s version of the seated spine stretch.

Teaching tip – victory rolls add more flow to your Pilates.

Madonna’s version of the single leg raise.

Teaching tip – if you decide to support your head with your foot rather than a block while performing this exercise, always wear big pants.

Marlene Dietrich’s version of the arm circle chicken wings upper body release series.

Teaching tip – don’t try and draw your eyebrows on while doing the arm circle sequence.

Kate Bush’s version of the open leg rocker balance.

Teaching tip – al fresco Pilates plus white trousers minus a mat equals grass stain alert!

Blondie’s version of the mermaid.

Teaching tip – best performed wearing some form of leg covering.

The Wellbeing Studio Open Day

Yey!  It’s the Clevedon Sunday Market this weekend with stalls celebrating locally produced food and drink, talented craft makers and vintage collectors from the South West.  It takes places on the 7th May between 1000 and 1400.

To coincide with the event, The Wellbeing Studio is having an open day.  Based at 6 Alexandra Road, the studio is perfectly situated in the heart of the market, so as you pass between the three sites in the hill and sea area, do drop by and pay a visit.

We’re opening our doors to anyone curious about The Wellbeing Studio and interested to learn more about the range of classes and treatments on offer.  Join us for a chat or just bob in and have a quick nosey round the studio and the facilities.

I’ll be there between 1000 and noon in case you’d like to talk to me specifically about Pilates and how it could help you.  We could even try a few moves if you like.

See you there.