Recorded Class

Each week I record a new Pilates x Melissa class.  This is a different class to the live online sessions running that week.  The cost is £7 for an hour-long session and it is viewable on Sundays until 2359.

The benefits of a recorded class

The weekly recorded Pilates x Melissa class is a useful option for those:

  • with a busy lifestyle who can’t always attend one of the live online sessions, or
  • who would like to practise Pilates at the weekend, or
  • whose internet connection is too unreliable to get the most from a live online Pilates class.

Who the recorded class is suitable for

Participants who:

  • are over 16;
  • have some knowledge and experience of Pilates;
  • are fit and healthy enough to exercise;
  • are not pregnant;
  • do not live in the US or Canada. My insurance doesn’t cover me to teach people in these countries.  Sorry about that.

The recorded class is not suitable for complete beginners, people with osteoporosis or osteopenia, those with chronic health or mobility issues which require lots of adaptations or alternative exercises, or people who in the past six months have had an injury, serious illness, surgery or given birth.  A online private Pilates class or this live online group session would suit you better, where there is a chance to ask questions and check you’re doing the exercises correctly.  

How to purchase and access a recorded class

Just like the live online classes, the recorded Pilates x Melissa class is available to purchase from the Book a Class page on Fridays from noon if not before.

The recorded class is viewable on Sundays until 2359 that night when access to the recording will expire.  It is not downloadable.  You’re welcome to book to view the recording at any point from noon on Fridays until Sunday at 2230.

For those booking in advance, once you have submitted your booking form and paid I will send you a booking confirmation email.  On Saturday night I will email you the link and passcode to access the recorded class.  On Sunday when you’re ready to start, click the link in the email.  This takes you to Zoom.  Here you fill in your name and email address. You may be asked to confirm you’re not a robot.  Click ‘Register.’  You will then be asked to enter the passcode after which just click the ‘Watch Recording’ button.  You can expand to full screen and pause and restart the video as required.

For those booking on Sunday, I will send you an email with the link and passcode to access the class as soon as possible after receiving your booking form and payment.

If you haven’t done Pilates with me before, you can request on the form a copy of the How-To Guide to the Pilates Method to help you get the most from the recorded session.

What you will need to take part in the recorded class

  • A laptop or tablet or quite a few people use a smartphone.
  • Enough space to be able to lie on you back with your arms and legs outstretched then sweep your arms round and back to your sides without hitting anything.
  • A thick Pilates mat or a bath towel on a thick rug or carpet.
  • A 2.5cm and a 5cm head block or a couple of cushions.
  • A tennis ball or similar.
  • A small Pilates ball, foam roller and a resistance band are really useful but not essential.

See my Pilates at Home news item for details of where to buy suggested items of kit online.

Cancellation/refund policy

All the online classes can be booked on the day so if you’re not completely sure of your availability or whether you’ll feel up to exercising on the day, please do take advantage of this option.

A full refund will be paid if you cancel a booking AT LEAST 24 HOURS before access to the recorded class begins.  Or instead of having a refund you can transfer to another live class taking place that week or the next available recorded class.  If you find you can’t do the recorded class on the day due to an emergency, I’m sure we can work something out so you don’t feel you’ve wasted your money.