Pop-Up Pilates Tutorials

I offer occasional online Pop-up PILATES X MELISSA Tutorials focusing on a specific part of the body or exercise or skill (e.g. balance, coordination, breathing.)

The 30-minute tutorials provide a chance to work more closely on this one area than we’re able to do in a general, holistic Pilates class, where the aim is to work the whole body and practise a range of skills.

The Pop-up Pilates Tutorials are suitable for most people (except those based in the US and Canada who for insurance reasons I’m unable to teach.  Sorry about that) and live-streamed via Zoom.

It would be great if you could join in with me doing the various movements or exercises.  If you’d prefer just to watch and maybe take notes, that’s fine too. Whatever suits you best.

During the session you can hear and see me but I won’t be able to see or hear you. At the beginning and the end of the tutorial there’ll be a chance to unmute yourself and ask questions if you’d like to.

Each Pop-up PILATES X MELISSA Tutorial is offered FREE with the option after you’ve attended to pay what you feel the tutorial was worth to you or what you can afford.

The first pop-up Pilates tutorial on the feet was on Thursday 4 June at 1830.  Thank you to everyone who came along.  It was great to see so many of you and from all around the UK.

I conducted a poll on my website offering you the chance to choose the topic, day and time of the next pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial.  Follow the link to view the results of the poll.

As voted by you, the second pop-up Pilates tutorial was on taking care of your neck and took place on Thursday 20 August. Another fantastic turnout.  Thank you.

The third pop-up Pilates tutorial was on Thursday 1 October at 1900 and the topic was meditative breathing to calm the body and encourage sleep.  Lovely to see you all and your contributions were much appreciated.  I really value your support.

The fourth pop-up Pilates tutorial in the series took place on Thursday 14 January at 1900.  The subject was how to improve your balance. A record-breaking turnout.  Thanks for taking the time to join me.  Really pleased so many of you found it beneficial.

News of the next pop-up Pilates tutorial will appear here in due course…