Live Online Classes

Practise Pilates from the comfort of your own home by joining one of my live online classes via Zoom.

There are sessions on Mondays 1800 to 1900, Tuesdays 0930 to 1030, Wednesdays 1900 to 2000 and Fridays 0930 to 1030.

The cost is £7 per person.

Who the classes are most suitable for

Participants who:

  • are over 16;
  • have some knowledge and experience of Pilates.  If you are a complete beginner an online one-to-one Pilates class will help you master the basics before joining a live online group session;
  • are fit and healthy enough to exercise.  Those who have had an injury, illness, surgery or have given birth recently need to have been signed off by their doctor or other health professional;
  • are not pregnant;
  • do not live in the US or Canada. My insurance doesn’t cover me to teach people from these countries.  Sorry about that.

The types of classes on offer

The Monday evening class is a small equipment Pilates class dedicated to working exclusively with the small ball, foam roller and resistance bands.  This session is not suitable for anyone with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

The Tuesday morning class has the emphasis more on beginner, improver and intermediate level exercises.  In this session I provide more adaptations and alternative exercises to ensure participants of all abilities can practise Pilates safely and at their own level. It is open to everyone to attend.

The Wednesday evening and Friday morning sessions feature exercises from across the repertoire from beginner to advanced.  They are not suitable for anyone with osteoporosis or osteopenia.

How to book and prepare for a class

Booking a class is really easy.  You just need to submit the booking form on the Book a Class page of the website.

If you haven’t done Pilates with me before, you can request on the form a copy of the How-To Guide to the Pilates Method to help you get the most from the session.

Once you have booked and paid, I will send you a booking confirmation email.  In this email I will ask you to reply with details of any health issues, injuries or niggles that may affect you exercising. This is important.  Knowing this before the class will help me suggest, where possible, any general adaptations or alternatives to exercises that may be useful.

The booking confirmation email also includes the link to register with Zoom for the class.  Registering is very quick. You’ll just be asked for your name and email address.  Please register with an email address that you can access from the device you plan to use for the class.

As soon as you’ve registered you’ll receive an automated email from Zoom to the address you typed in with a link unique to you and unique to that specific class on that day.  Only you can use this link to access the class on that day. The link won’t work for any other class.  Here is an example of the Zoom email you will receive…

Ahead of the class, you will need to have Zoom Client for Meetings downloaded onto your web browser if you’re using a laptop, or the Zoom app downloaded onto your tablet or smartphone from the App Store.

Advice on optimising your device and internet connection can be found here.

What to do on the day of the class

The example email above is the one you need on the day of your class.  Make sure you have access to it on the device you plan to use to attend the session. You do not need to sign up for any kind of Zoom account to do the online classes.  All you do is click on the blue JOIN MEETING button 5 minutes before the start time, or 15 minutes before if you want to join in the pre-class chat.  See the last section of this page for more details.

Clicking the blue button will send you straight to the class on Zoom.  In the unlikely event you are asked to enter a passcode, this is also provided in the Zoom email. It’s near the bottom of the email along with the meeting ID.

What to expect from the online Pilates classes

During the class you can see and hear me but I can’t see or hear you.  Microphones are off to ensure a quiet, relaxing environment for us to practise Pilates.  Cameras are off for privacy reasons and to ensure the screen is centred exclusively on me teaching you. Obviously this means I’m unable to provide advice and corrections specific to you and what you’re doing during the class itself.

However I will be doing the exercises along with you and right next to you on so you can refer to your screen at regular intervals to check you’re doing things correctly.  Very handy.  In studio classes the teacher is often quite a way from you and you have to sit up to see, which interrupts the flow of your practise.

Where possible I will suggest some general adaptations and alternatives that might be more appropriate for certain people.

At the end of each session there is a Post-Class Q&A for anyone who wants to ask for further guidance on what we did in the class.  This provides an opportunity to ask questions about any exercises we performed, ask me to check you were doing them correctly, or clarify any teaching points I made along the way.

To protect your privacy, the class is not recorded. It happens in real-time then is gone forever.

What you will need to get the most from the session

  • A laptop or tablet or quite a few people use a smartphone.
  • A room that isn’t cold where you will have minimal distraction for the duration of the session.
  • Enough space to be able to lie on you back with your arms and legs outstretched then sweep your arms round and back to your sides without hitting anything.
  • A thick Pilates mat or a bath towel on a thick rug or carpet.
  • A 2.5cm and a 5cm head block or a couple of cushions.
  • A tennis ball or similar.
  • A small Pilates ball, foam roller and a resistance band are required for the small equipment class and useful but not essential to have for the other Pilates classes.

See my Pilates at Home news item for details of where to buy suggested items of kit online.

Bringing a social element to the classes

Attending a Pilates class for lots of people is as much about the social contact, getting to know like-minded people and catching up with friends.  With this in mind, I open up each session fifteen minutes ahead of the start time for anyone who wants a chat.  By doing this over the past three years, we have built up a lovely supportive community.

Cancellation/refund policy

All the online classes can be booked on the day so if you’re not completely sure of your availability or whether you’ll feel up to exercising on the day, please do take advantage of this option.

A full refund will be paid if you cancel a booking AT LEAST 24 HOURS before the start time of the class.  Or instead of having a refund you can transfer to another class taking place that week.  If you miss the class on the day due to an emergency or IT issues, I’m sure we can work something out so you don’t feel you’ve wasted your money.