Studio-based Classes

When the UK isn’t in lockdown due to a health emergency, Melissa teaches group Pilates sessions:

  • at The Wellbeing Studio in Clevedon
  • for small groups of friends, either at the client’s home or at The Wellbeing Studio
  • in-house for the employees of businesses based in Clevedon, Bristol and surrounding areas
  • for members of health clubs based in Clevedon, Bristol and surrounding areas


Four types of group Pilates class are available:

  • general drop-in sessions for participants of all abilities
  • classes tailored specifically for beginners/improvers or intermediate/advanced level participants
  • rehabilitative classes aimed at those recovering from injury or trying to manage a chronic physical issue in their body, e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia
  • classes aimed at targeted groups of participants with specific needs, e.g. cyclists, post-natal women, people with lower back problems

Classes can last for 45 or 90 minutes, but more usually one hour.

Class sizes range from 2 to around 20 participants.


Melissa also teaches Piloga, which is a mix of Pilates and Yoga. Using the Pilates approach to breathing along with the pelvic floor engagement, the class combines the best of both disciplines to create a workout that is low impact and focussed on core stability and controlled, flowing movements.

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