New Pilates x Melissa Class Timetable

Thanks again for taking the time to complete the recent survey.  Your responses were very helpful in understanding what type of classes you want and when going forward.

The LIVE ONLINE sessions remain the most popular choice so all four of the existing classes will continue at the same day and time as now.

The idea of a RECORDED ONLINE class viewable at the weekend also received a lot of support so I will introduce this into the schedule in May.

There is clearly demand for the STUDIO classes.  Unfortunately, despite my best efforts I haven’t been able to make these happen with the venue I’d found.  The search continues for a studio in Clevedon where I can secure 1-3 regular weekly slots, which is large enough to be safe and comfortable, and able to provide a quiet environment compatible with practising Pilates. Not as easy as you might think.  I’ll keep you posted.

The survey results showed there is interest in doing Pilates on BANK HOLIDAYS so I will continue to offer classes on such days (except Christmas and New Year when I suspect it would be just me teaching myself.)  There are loads of Bank Holidays in May of course so do join me if you want to escape the M5 car park, the Coronation celebrations and the English spring weather.

So, in summary the Pilates x Melissa class schedule going forward is…

  • Mondays 1800-1900 Online Live Small Equipment Pilates class
  • Tuesdays 0930-1030 Online Live Pilates class
  • Wednesdays 1900-2000 Online Live Pilates class
  • Fridays 0930-1030 Online Live Pilates class
  • Sundays 0900 to 2359 Online Recorded Pilates class (coming in May)

In the coming weeks I’ll be introducing more NEW CONTENT into the classes based on recent continuing professional development training courses and workshops.  I’m looking forward to sharing this latest insight with you, all of it tried and tested on myself… no guinea pigs were harmed in the testing of these new exercises.

To close, here’s the “bad boy of ballet”, Sergei Polunin modelling what could be my new favourite teaching outfit…a tattoo body stocking…

4 thoughts on “New Pilates x Melissa Class Timetable

  1. Hi Melissa

    Really sorry to hear the new venue hadn’t worked out. I go to an art class at Hangstones Pavilion in Stowey Road in Yatton and think it would fit the bill, except of course it is in Yatton. With some targeted advertising especially for the rehab/osteoporosis clients there may well be enough for a class. Hangstones is owned and run by Yatton Parish Council and very reasonable hire rates. It is warm and quiet on weekdays with big patio doors onto a large patio and then to football field and woodland beyond and further countryside views. Big free car park right outside too. Hope it works out soon. Chris

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  2. Thanks Melissa. All good for me and good luck with finding a studio. The weekend online classes are a bonus. Pat

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