Post-Class Q&A

New for 2022.  Starting next week (from 7 February) all four online classes will feature a short Q&A at the end of the session.

Once we’ve said our goodbyes to those who need to leave straight away, I’ll invite those remaining to ask any questions about the specific exercises we performed in our hour of practice or any general teaching points I made along the way. 

This will be the perfect opportunity to check you’re doing the exercises correctly, to ask for further guidance on any adaptations or alternative exercises I provided, to say I felt this when I did a certain movement, is that right? etc etc. Anything that comes to mind really. Ask away.

I’ll return the session to gallery view when the class has finished and invite you to turn your microphone on if you have a question.  You could turn your video on too if you like. When I need to demonstrate an exercise to answer a query I’ll put the session on speaker view again so you can see me more clearly.

If you don’t have a specific question and just want to watch the Q&A, that’s great too.  A point raised by someone else and my answer might be just what you need to feel more confident doing the exercises, particularly the newer or more challenging ones.

Thank you for continuing to support the classes and I hope this small add-on to each session will help you get more out of your Pilates practice.

To close, here’s one of Lyse Doucet’s tracks from Desert Island Discs this morning, which had me (belly)dancing in my kitchen…

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