Pre-class Chat

One of the many benefits of going regularly to a Pilates class is the social aspect – the friends you make and catch up with each week.  This is particularly important for those who live alone or who, due to the pandemic feel they’ve become a bit disconnected from others.

To address this I’d like to provide more of a chance for people to chat before my online classes.  From the 7 June I’ll be opening up each session fifteen minutes ahead of the start time.  I’ll use the Zoom gallery view setting so you can see as well as hear each other.  If you’d rather not be seen just leave your video off.  I piloted this idea in last Friday’s class and it went down well.  It also means those of you who have family and friends  from other parts of the UK who attend the online class with you, have a chance to connect more.

As always the Pilates session itself will start dead on time, microphones and videos will be off and I’ll use the usual Zoom speaker view setting so you can just see me doing the exercises with you and hear my instructions without any background noise from others.

For those who’d prefer not to join the pre-class chat, no problem.  Simply log on in the five minutes before the start time.

See you soon.

To close, here’s Billie Marten.  Eyes closed, volume up to experience the song in all its glory…

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