Pilates with a Resistance Band

The new online small equipment Pilates class which began in September on Mondays at 1800 is proving popular.  Thank you for your support.  It’s great to hear from so many of you how much you’re enjoying the challenge of practising Pilates with the small ball and foam roller.  A nice complement to the general Pilates classes too.

Starting next Monday 2 November we’ll be adding a resistance band into the mix for those who want to use it.  Like the ball, resistance bands are cheap to purchase, easy to store and carry around and provide an opportunity to explore more exercises from the Pilates repertoire.

What are the benefits of using a resistance band in Pilates?

  • allows us to target specific muscle groups and tendons and strengthen them;
  • provides support to ensure exercises are performed with control and stability;
  • the tension created by the bands can be adjusted to suit an individual’s needs and ability;
  • helps to ensure good alignment while performing an exercise;
  • recreates the exercises done on Pilates studio equipment e.g. the reformer in a matwork class.

A lot of people will already have a resistance band but for those who don’t you can purchase one from the Pilates Mad.  A light and/or medium band will be perfect to use in our Monday evening small equipment Pilates class.  You can probably find them cheaper on eBay or Amazon but based on experience, you get what you pay for.  I’ve gone for the cheaper option in the past and have found they easily tear and often aren’t the thickness/resistance level they claim to be.

See you online on the mat soon!

To close, here’s my song of the month from Amythyst Kiah…

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