Online Small Equipment Pilates Class

The Monday evening class (1800 to 1900) is dedicated to working exclusively with the small ball and foam roller.  There is an extensive repertoire of exercises involving these two pieces of equipment, which we don’t have time in the general Pilates classes to explore fully.

What are the benefits of using the foam roller?

  • increases the range of motion of the shoulder girdle;
  • increases core stability;
  • mobilises the spine;
  • provides an effective means of self-massage;
  • assists in stretching;
  • helps improve balance.

What are the benefits of using the small ball?

  • activates the abdominal muscles more deeply to further improve their strength;
  • increases the range of movement of the spine and pelvis;
  • challenges core stability;
  • improves balance.

Who is the class suitable for?

People who

  • are over 16.
  • have a basic level of Pilates knowledge and experience.
  • are deemed fit and healthy enough to exercise.
  • have no current or recent injuries.
  • don’t have osteoporosis or osteopenia.
  • are not pregnant.
  • are not based in the US or Canada.

Don’t have a small ball or foam roller?  Details of where to buy Pilates equipment can be found on this page of my website.

There is so much more to working with the ball and foam roller than just lying on them so join me and take your Pilates skills to a new level.  Like all the other online sessions, the small equipment Pilates class costs £7 and can be booked online on the Book a class page of this website.

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