Online One-to One Pilates

Are you new to Pilates and looking for a class to help get you started?

For those with more experience, are there exercises you do in class you’d like to check you’re doing correctly?

Are you currently injured or experiencing discomfort in your body and looking for guidance about which Pilates exercises will help you specifically address this issue?

Are there exercises in class you can’t seem to get to grips with and would like more in-depth advice to help you master them?

Did you miss one or more of the pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorials and would you like me to repeat it just for you at a time of your choosing?

Do you want to treat yourself and do a Pilates class specifically tailored to your individual needs?

Are you concerned about doing one of the online classes where I can’t see you and looking for a more tailored alternative?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you might benefit from an online one-to-one Pilates session.  Unlike the online classes, we would be able to see and hear each other throughout the session, allowing a useful dialogue.  I would demonstrate the exercises and as you repeat them I will watch, providing helpful tips to ensure you’re doing the exercises safely and getting the intended benefit from them.

The online one-to-one sessions cost £17.50 for 30 minutes or £35 for one hour.

To book an online one-to-one Pilates consultation, please email me letting me know what it is you’d like me to help you with, how long a session you would want and a few dates and times when you’re free to have the consultation.

2 thoughts on “Online One-to One Pilates

  1. You were recommended by Waveney Payne, who spoke of you very highly. I am 70yrs, and have balance and strength problems, owing to MS.
    I have had a few falls.Also breathing issues due to lack of core strength ( for singing)
    I’m hoping you can help me with these issues. I feel if I don’t get a grip on me health and fitness now, My pleasure in life will be seriously impaired.
    Thank you,
    Christine Broughton

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