New Pop-up Pilates Tutorial – Taking Care of Your Neck

As voted by you, the next online pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial, the second in the series is on the most moveable section of the spine, the neck.  It will take place on Thursday 20 August at 1900.

During the course of the 30-minute session I’ll take you through a short programme of exercises to help strengthen, stretch and improve the range of movement of your neck.

Who the tutorial is suitable for

The session is open to everyone except those based in the US and Canada who for insurance reasons I’m unable to teach.  Sorry about that.

For those with osteoporosis or osteopenia, certain exercises will not be suitable for you.  I will make it clear during the course of the session which ones you will need to miss out.

If you have any healing fractures or new sprains or strains affecting the neck, shoulder or upper back for which you’re seeing a health professional, please just watch rather than joining in with the exercises and maybe take notes.  The exercises should help you once you’ve completed treatment with your health professional.

How will you benefit

The exercises over time will assist the proper functioning of the neck by improving the strength and flexibility of the key neck muscles, ligaments, tendons and membranes.  This will in turn…

  • release tightness in your neck, shoulder and upper back area thereby avoiding pain associated with misaligned spinal vertebrae and compressed vertebral discs;
  • help you to maintain the 15-20 pound load of your head in equilibrium;
  • improve blood flow to your brain thereby avoiding migraines and headaches;
  • improve your balance mechanism.

What you will need for this pop-up Pilates tutorial

To get the most from the session you will need:

To attend this pop-up Pilates tutorial, please register here with Zoom. Once you have done so you will automatically receive a confirmation email from Zoom (please check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive straight away in your inbox), which contains a link that only you can use to attend this tutorial. On the day of the session, 5-10 minutes before the start time just click on this link to join the tutorial.

Before the tutorial, if you’re using a tablet or mobile to take part you will need to download the Zoom App from the App store, which is free. If you’re using a laptop and want quick and smooth access to the session, download Zoom Client for Meetings for free from their website. You don’t need any kind of Zoom account to attend my online classes and pop-up tutorials.

Please help me to help others by sharing details of this pop-up PILATES X MELISSA tutorial, inviting any friends, family members and work colleagues you think might be interested in registering to attend.

The pop-up tutorials are free.  There is an option after the session to pay what the tutorial was worth to you or what you can afford.  How to make such a contribution, for those interested in doing so will be explained in the confirmation email you will receive  after registering.

2 thoughts on “New Pop-up Pilates Tutorial – Taking Care of Your Neck

  1. Thank you very much , Melissa. Very good to be guided to simple relieving and strengthening for such a vital part of the body.

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