New PILATES X MELISSA online classes

I’m now able to offer online Pilates classes via Zoom. I’ve found a way to make each class “closed” by which I mean only accessible to those who have been through the proper booking, registration and payment process. This is essential so participants are safe and I remain covered by my insurance.

The online classes will take place on Mondays 1230 to 1330, Wednesdays 1915 to 2015 and Fridays 0930 to 1030. They will start this Wednesday 15 April and cost £6.50.

Everything you need to know about them – who they’re suitable for, what to expect from the class, how to book and pay, how to join the class on the day etc, is on the Online Classes page of my website.

To close, here’s Hannah from this year’s The Greatest Dancer competition with a stunning contemporary dance piece to inspire our Pilates movements.  Sequin catsuit – want!



1 thought on “New PILATES X MELISSA online classes

  1. Hi Melissa

    I totally understand why you have had to exclude people with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia, but cant help being disappointed too.

    After all this time I should be able to remember all the moves – but I cant !!!!

    Not sure of a way round this. Need to wrack my brain .

    Thanks for info on foam roller, was going to ask, my little challenge is to gradually use the roller which I’ve never attempted in class except to use , on all 4s for superman type exercise. Want to use it while on back, to strengthen core.

    Hope you are keeping well. Cease to be amazed how a tiny bit of DNA in a very easily disrupted outer membrane can cause such havoc to the whole of our world !

    Best Wishes



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