Winter Toe Socks

Wintery weather is now upon us so for those who’d prefer a longer, less draughty pair of toe socks I now have a limited stock of mid-calf-length toe socks in a variety of plain and striped colours…

The toe socks are unisex and fit sizes 4-11 (35-46).  The price is £8.  The normal retail price including postage is £9.45 for the plain socks and £10.45 for the striped socks so a decent saving.

Toe socks offer a number of benefits.  For me the key one is that they allow the foot to work effectively and efficiently by separating the toes, increasing their mobility and improving the flow of neural information between the foot and the brain.

Toe socks also encourage blood to circulate properly throughout the foot keeping them warmer and making them less prone to cramping.

For full details of the benefits, composition and washing instructions, see below…

The toe socks can be purchased from me in the studio when you come to class.  If you’d like me to save you a pair, please email or text me or use the contact form.

To close, here’s a track from Bat for Lashes’ Lost Girls album.  Pleats and vampy 80s make-up – nice!



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