GDPR and Your Privacy

Today the General Data Protection Regulation known as GDPR came into effect.  GDPR gives each one of us extra rights about how our personal data is used and means organisations have additional obligations to fulfil in this area.

In the light of GDPR, here is Embody Pilates’ new Privacy Policy…

What information do we ask for, why and where do we keep it?

As a client, Embody Pilates holds your name, phone and email details. This is so that you can be contacted about your bookings and any changes to the class timetable. When you first have a Pilates lesson at Embody Pilates, you are asked either in person, over the phone or in an email for your relevant medical history. This information is used to help guide your Pilates practice. This information is not maintained as a hard copy. Any emails from you containing this information and any subsequent teacher notes made by Melissa are held on two secure electronic devices accessible only by her.

Who can access your information?

You can ask to see the information we hold about you at any time. Only you and Melissa at Embody Pilates can access this information, and it will only be used to help Melissa guide your Pilates practice and handle your bookings and payments.

We do not share any of this information with any third party. If you are under the care of another practitioner, i.e. a doctor or another health professional or physical therapist, you are encouraged to pass on any relevant information about their findings or care to Melissa yourself, rather than Melissa speaking to them directly. This is unless of course both parties have your written permission to share relevant information.

What is your “right to be forgotten”?

You have the right to have your name, phone and email details removed from the system at any time. Please contact Embody Pilates if you want this to be done.

What are you agreeing to when you use Embody Pilates’ services?

By attending Embody Pilates’ classes you are agreeing to the use of your data as described in this policy.

Electronic mailings

When you first attend a class, Melissa will ask your permission to email you occasional updates about, for example, new classes or merchandise or the latest health and well-being news considered relevant to you. You can withdraw consent for Embody Pilates to contact you in this way at any time, independent of us holding the information we need to serve you as a client. To stop receiving such electronic mailings, simply reply to one with UNSUBSCRIBE MAILING in the subject heading.

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