Easter 2017

Easter 2017 is just around the corner, which means a few changes to the timetable of Pilates classes at The Wellbeing Studio.  The following sessions will NOT take place over the Easter break:

  • the 0930 and 1030 classes on Good Friday 14th April
  • the 1000 class on Easter Saturday 15th April
  • the 1230 and 1900 classes on Easter Monday 17th April

The 1130 Piloga class at Strode on Easter Saturday 15th April will also NOT take place.

There are plenty of other Pilates classes happening in the weeks either side of the Easter break of course.  If the session you normally attend is not running, why not book into a different class if you’re available.

Looking for an alternative to buying someone an Easter egg?  Embody Pilates gift vouchers are available from £10.  More details via this link.

To close, two Easter bunny-themed tracks from Echo and the Bunnymen and Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins…






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