The Changing Shape of the Female Body

Using data from Government statistics, the lingerie brand, Bluebella produced two graphics comparing the body shapes of the average woman in 2017 and 1957.  Click on each image to view in more detail…



  • 5ft 2ins tall
  • Weighed 9st 10lbs
  • Size 3 feet
  • Dress size 12
  • 28 inch waist
  • 34B breasts
  • Expected to live 73 years


  • 5ft 5ins tall
  • Weighs 11st
  • Size 6 feet
  • Dress size 16
  • 34 inch waist
  • 36DD breasts
  • Expected to live 83 years

To close, The Cult with front-man, Ian Astbury (Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison’s secret love child and with the best head of hair ever seen on a man) cookin’ on gas…

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