Pilates – Best Exercise for the Menopause


A recent (Spring 2016) research study by the Spanish Menopause Society, the Spanish Cardiology Society and the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine has found that ‘Pilates could help take some of the pain out of the menopause.’

The typical British woman goes through the menopause at 51 with symptoms, which range from hot flushes to sleepless nights, headaches and depression, potentially lasting up to 14 years.  Hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) is the main treatment, but is not suitable for all and many who could take it are put off by the side effects (headaches, heartburn) and fears that it may trigger breast cancer.

Pilates Foundation photograph

The report says that while swimming, dancing and other forms of physical activity all help reduce the symptoms of the menopause, Pilates – as well as weight lifting and high intensity interval training (HIIT) – are likely to be the most beneficial. Why?  Examples given were that these three forms of exercise:

  • strengthen the bones and muscles;
  • make it easier for the body to deal with the lapses in heat control that occur around the menopause due to hormonal changes;
  • improve balance thereby preventing falls.

Researcher Dr Helen Jones concluded that the results of the study were so impressive that exercise could be viewed as a natural alternative to HRT.

To read more about these findings, go here.

To close, First Aid Kit performing My Silver Lining…see what I did there…


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