Class Timetable – Christmas and New Year 2016

Christmas light dancer

1st December today and Christmas 2016 is just around the corner.  Surprisingly, EP HQ is well-prepared this year with the class timetable for the upcoming festive period already confirmed.

The Wellbeing Studio is being refurbished over the Christmas holidays, which means there will be no Pilates classes from Monday 19th December to Monday 2nd January inclusive. The last class before the break then will be Saturday 17th December at 10.00 and the first class back will be on Tuesday 3rd January at 18.15 when the timetable resumes as normal.

Too early for a Christmas song?  Probably…but who cares. Here’s this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature winner (hmmm!), King Bob of Dylan.  Who’s got a big red cherry nose?  Must be Bad Santa…

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