Pilates Inspiration – Aerial Silks Artist Destiny Vinley

Aerial silks artist

Aerial contortion is where one or more artists perform a choreographed sequence of acrobatics while hanging from fabric, usually silks.  Below is a video of a stunning aerial silks act performed by Destiny Vinley of Maevy Aerial Arts and choreographed in collaboration with Jamie Hodgson. This act was originally created for the June 2012 show The Book of Dreams at the New England Center for Circus Arts.

How many of the eight principles of Pilates – core strength or centering; alignment; breathing, i.e. using the breath to drive and control the moves; co-ordination; relaxation, i.e. only using the muscles needed to execute a movement, allowing others to relax; flowing movement; stamina; concentration – can you see in action during this aerial silks performance?



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