June Class Timetable Changes

The Gathering, 1929 by Catalan artist Àngeles Santos Torroella

Another small escape from Clevedon and EP HQ is on the cards in June, which means a few minor changes to the Pilates class timetable at The Wellbeing Studio from the 6th-9th of that month.  The following classes will not take place:

  • Monday 6th June at 12.30
  • Tuesday 7th June at 18.15 and 19.15
  • Thursday 9th June at 12.30

The Thursday evening class at 18.00 on the 9th June will run as normal, as will the Saturday morning class at 10.00 on the 11th June of course.  To those affected by the four cancelled classes, apologies.  Perhaps, if you find you’re free, you might like to come along to the Thursday lunchtime or Saturday morning classes instead that week.

I recently discovered Czech rebel sculptor, David Černý.  Any artist who, on the eve of a general election, floats a statue of an obscene-gestured hand in front of the castle to oppose the state of Czech politics, perceived corruption, and President Milos Zeman’s support of the Communist party, gets my vote.

Less controversial, more beautiful but equally impactful is Černý’sculpture, In Utero, a six-metre high stainless steel structure of a pregnant woman, which visitors can step inside to “experience” the womb…

David Cerny's In Utero

I also love his 45-ton, 42-layered rotating sculpture of Franz Kafka’s head.  It’s near the building where Kafka worked as an insurance clerk in Prague, and faces City Hall.  Černý built it to remind us of Kafka when we get frustrated by the incompetence of those in public office.  This constantly moving sculpture transforms over time just like K in Kafka’s seminal novella, The Metamorphosis.  Take a look; it’s a mesmerising watch…



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