A Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hitchcock in a sleigh with children

Yes, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a picture of Alfred Hitchcock in a sleigh eating snow with his three grandchildren.

Anyway, in case you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for a friend or family member, you might like to consider buying a Embody Pilates gift card.  They cost from as little as £10.  Here’s what we have available…

  • £10 gift card to treat someone to one group Pilates class
  • £40 gift card for one private Pilates session
  • £50 gift card for six group Pilates classes
  • £80 gift card for two private Pilates sessions
  • £120 gift card for three private Pilates sessions

The recipient of the group Pilates class gift cards can choose to attend any of the group Pilates classes that take place on the weekly schedule at the studio in Clevedon.  The private Pilates sessions can be arranged at a time to suit the individual and can take place either at The Wellbeing Studio, or at the recipient’s home if they live in Clevedon or the surrounding area, whichever is the more convenient.

To see what the cards look like and for full details on how to pay for and get hold of a card in time for Christmas, click here.

I said last week I don’t really do Christmas albums.  Turns out I was wrong – I have five of them!  In last week’s post, I included a song from Mindy Smith’s My Holiday album.  Here are tracks from two of the others.  The first features on Sufjan Stevens’ Songs For Christmas album.  Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance…just you try and stop us, Sufjan!



And here’s the title track from Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong album.  This is definitely a contender for the saddest Christmas song ever written…



Next week I’ll post a video with a medley of songs from the best Christmas album of all time…stay tuned…

Best wishes.


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