Where to Buy Small Pilates Balls

Jana Berezko-Marggrander, Olympics, ryhtmic gymnastics ball routine

The small Pilates exercise ball is a key feature of Melissa’s classes.  Having experienced the benefits of using one over the weeks, a number of clients have asked where they can buy a ball for themselves.  Highly recommended for both quality and value for money is this one available from the Yoga Studio.

The 7-inch blue ball is £2.49 and the 9-inch red ball is £2.99.  For most people the larger size is the most suitable.  For petite women, the smaller ball might be better.  Delivery within 4-5 working days is just £1.99.

A tenuous link perhaps but any excuse to show a clip from a favourite film of all time, Albert Lamorisse’s Le Ballon Rouge from 1956…

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