Pilates with Balls!

Small soft Pilates balls

The small Pilates soft ball (sometimes referred to as an overball or exer-soft ball) is a useful training aid to assist in targeting and isolating specific muscles, particularly the abdominals, inner thighs and the gluteals.  Exercises incorporating a small Pilates ball help to improve strength, endurance, concentration, coordination and balance. It is also helps in the engagement of the pelvic floor.  Equally it can be used as a supporting cushion when partially inflated and is suitable for neck and upper back massages.

Pilates wheel or spine curl using a small soft ball

Melissa now uses the 7″ and 9″ exer-soft ball in all her classes.  These are provided along with mats and head blocks in varying sizes.

Melissa doesn’t use the ball in class to do this though unfortunately.  Watch and marvel…

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