Pilates Inspiration – Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold free soloing

Pilates is all about sequence, an ordered set of instructions given to the body, e.g. inhale laterally into the chest, exhale sucking in the tummy muscles, print the spine into and off the mat, engage the pelvic floor muscles etc, to perform an exercise with control and precision.  Sequence is also key to climbing.

The ultimate form of climbing is free soloing where the climber goes it alone, ascending without ropes, harnesses or any other protective gear, relying only on his or her climbing ability. Unlike bouldering, free soloists go beyond heights that are considered safe where a fall would mean serious injury or even death.

Arguably the best free soloist in the world is Alex Honnold.  In this beautiful National Geographic video, we can see the poetry of what’s involved in him scaling a sheer rock face with his bare hands…

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