Pilates Foundation AGM and Workshops

Pilates Foundation The Highest Standard logo

This Sunday 3rd May I’ll be attending the Pilates Foundation‘s AGM and workshops.  It’s a great opportunity each year for members of the UK’s leading body for accredited Pilates teachers, to meet and discuss the latest developments in the discipline.  As on previous occasions, I’m hoping to be inspired by what I hear, to learn new skills and bring some fresh ideas to my Pilates classes.

Yamuna Body Rolling

The two workshops I’m attending on the Sunday afternoon should be interesting.  The first is on Yamuna Body Rolling, a completely original fitness and therapeutic practice that works on muscles at the point of origin and insertion to ensure optimum function.

The second workshop is Finding Length and Space, looking at mobilisation exercises which achieve a sense of ease and space within the joints. The workshop teacher has developed an approach to working with the Pilates Method based on her experience of Inflammatory Joint and Connective Tissue disease, finding a way to move efficiently and with ease without stressing the tissue around the joints.

Male Ballet Dancer Stretching in Splits

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