Pilates Inspiration – Butoh

Imre Thormann - Butoh

Few things demonstrate the eight principles of Pilates* in action so effectively as the slow, hyper-controlled movements of Butoh, a form of Japanese dance theatre.

Below, videos of arguably two of the best Butoh dancers in the business. The first is Swiss dancer, Imre Thormann performing at Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine in Shiga, Japan. The live music is by Swiss jazz pianist, Nik Baertsch and his band Mobile.

The second video is Sayoko Onishi’s solo Butoh performance piece, Animal Science.

* Eight principles of Pilates: 1) concentration, 2) flowing movement, 3) co-ordination, 4) alignment, 5) core strength or centring, 6) breathing, 7) control and 8) relaxation (by which we mean performing a movement using only the muscles needed to execute it, allowing other muscles to relax and thus working the body at optimum efficiency.

Sayoko Onishi - Butoh

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