The Art of the Body – Gesine Marwedel

Human Flamingo by Gesine Marwedel4

There are a number of exercises in Pilates where we create the shapes and movements of other living things: the starfish, the seal, the swan dive, the clam to name just a few. This week I discovered the German artist, Gesine Marwedel.  She specialises in creating beautiful body paintings that transform people into animals and plants.

Human Swan by Gesine Marwedel3

Using live human skin as a canvas for her work, Marwedel’s pieces have a strange illusory quality, obscuring certain parts of the body, or making them seem like something they’re not.

Human Locust by Gesine Marwedel

And her art goes beyond just pleasing the eye. Marwedel has published a book exploring the therapeutic benefits of bodypainting.

Human Sea Horse by Gesine Marwedel




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