Roll For The Soul

Roll For The Soul

In collaboration with Roll For The Soul in Bristol, a non-profit bike cafe and workshop, we are looking to run a series of five Pilates for Cyclists classes in the near future. To help us gauge demand, if you’d be interested in attending a small – no more than 7 attendees – Sunday morning class at a cost of £12 per 90 minute session (or £50 if you pay upfront for all five sessions), please contact Melissa via the contact form.

The Hub at Roll For The soul

To learn more about the benefits of Pilates for cyclists, and how Pilates has contributed to the success of some of the world’s leading riders, take a look at the news piece posted last week.

It would be great to have the chance to teach at Roll For The Soul. It’s the perfect place to run a Pilates class.  Think about it, you could get your bike fixed in the workshop while you Pilatesise your body upstairs in The Hub, and afterwards, reward yourself with a healthy lunch in the veggie cafe.

Inside Roll For The Soul

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