Pilates Foundation Publishes First Matwork Handbook

Reading while doing Pilates

The Pilates Foundation (of which Melissa is a full member), the UK’s oldest, most reputable and its only not-for-profit Pilates organisation, has just published its first handbook for matwork Pilates.

In keeping with its motto ‘The Highest Standard’, the handbook is a quality publication with stunning colour photos of exercises being performed by Pilates Foundation teachers. Each exercise is shown in a series of photographs. On the facing page are the headings: Purpose, Set Up, Breathing, Cueing, Variations/Adaptations and Contra-indications. Unusually, there are no written instructions on how to perform the exercises. The space below the headings is left blank to be filled in by the book’s owner. Pilates Foundation Board Member, Penny Jones, who oversaw the project, explained the rationale behind this decision…

‘A core value of the Pilates Foundation is to respect the individual approach of teachers whilst honouring the original work established by Joseph Pilates. So instead of a description of how to perform each exercise, there is the space for teachers and clients to write their own ideas from their own training, their own understanding of the first principles of the Method and their own practice.’

Pilates Foundation Handbooks

The handbooks, which were originally intended primarily for trainee and practising Pilates teachers, will enable anyone from clients to long-established teacher trainers, to build a unique and personal view of the Pilates repertoire. According to Jones, ‘The view of the Foundation is that this is the only way to ensure that Pilates continues to be a powerful and evolving system of well-being.’

The Matwork Handbook retails at £25 and can be purchased from The Pilates Foundation website.

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