Pilates Inspiration – Sylvie Guillem

Sylvie Guillem

“I’ve learned to listen to what’s going on with my body.” – Sylvie Guillem

With her long, slender limbs and her extraordinary flexibility and strength, Sylvie Guillem, now 48, has always had what many would consider the perfect balletic instrument.  In the video below, the impressive physical skills of Guillem are shown to full effect in the dance piece, 6000 Miles Away, a scintillating three-part contemporary work commissioned by Guillem and choreographed by Mats Ek, William Forsythe and Jiří Kylián.


Guillem is a strong devotee of Pilates and often cites it as playing a key role in helping her maintain the strength and flexibility of her body in the face of the rigorous demands placed on it by modern choreography.

Sylvie Guillem Autoportrait

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