The Tao of Joseph Pilates


Joseph Pilates in his own words…

“In ten [Pilates] sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference and in thirty you will have a whole new body.”

“A body free from nervous tension and fatigue is the ideal shelter provided by nature for housing a well balanced mind, fully capable of successfully meeting all the complex problems of modern living.”

“As a heavy rainstorm freshens the water of a sluggish or stagnant stream and whips it into immediate action, so the Pilates Method purifies the bloodstream.”

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.  A man is as young as his spinal column.”

“Above all, learn how to breathe correctly.”

“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace and skill that will unmistakably be reflected in the way you walk, play and work.”

“True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed. When all your muscles are properly developed you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure. “

“A few well-designed movements, performed in a balanced sequence, are worth more than hours of sloppy calisthenics and forced contortion.”

“The acquirement and enjoyment of physical wellbeing, mental calm and spiritual peace are priceless to their possessors.”

“With mind, body and spirit functioning perfectly as a co-ordinated whole, what else could reasonably be expected other than an active, alert, disciplined person.”

“The art of Pilates proves that the only real guide to your true age lies not in years or how you THINK you feel, but as you ACTUALLY are as infallibly indicated by the degree of natural and normal flexibility enjoyed by your spine throughout life.”

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